Not all boards have 8, 12, 16 or more layers. For more modest needs, Vastbright Technology  provides an integrated solution for high velocity printed circuit board manufacturing. We are experts in providing quick-turn services to our customers worldwide. We specialize in 24 – 72 hour turnaround time across a broad range of technologies. Our facility delivers advanced product in three to ten days, with various technical concentrations.

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Multilayer printed circuit boards came into the industry with the advent of SMD population. They are found almost everywhere, wherever electronics are in use – from aircraft to motorcycles, and storage power stations to photovoltaics. VT produces printed circuit boards in whatever numbers are required – from individual prototypes to small batches and mass production. The number of layers ranges from 4 to 14, with a maximum thickness of 3.2mm.

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Today, more than ever, PCB prototyping is crucial to the electronic design process. In this world of blazing time-to-market requirements and fierce R&D expectations, effective PCB prototyping is critical to success. The Vastbright Technology range of PCBs and prototyping system products includes development equipment, prototype circuit boards, chemicals and tools. VT also stocks a large selection of PCB supports and spacers.

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Vastbright Technology Limited is specialized for Industrial, Security and Building Technologies segments PCB manufacturing.  With the certification of ISO9001, ISO140001, TS16949, we are committed to provide high quality PCB to meet different market applications.

We can provide full range of products with layer counts from 1 to 14. VT is equipped with different capabilities to support different surface finishes including ENIG, HASL,LF HASL, Electrolytic Ni/Au, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, peel able S/M. VT can also support buried/ blind via, VIPPO (Via In Pad, Plated Over), Carbon Ink, Thick copper, Depth control milling, Halogen and Alumimum Laminate.

Finishing Processes

Vastbright Technology offers a variety of finishing services for Printed Circuit Boards, surface finishing can be either organic or metallic in nature, including Tin/Lead hot air solder level, Lead Free hot air solder level, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold, etc…We understand that the finish of your PCBs is important for different applications, so we set up our manufacturing to offer different finishes to meet your application’s need.

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