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To provide total customer satisfaction and solution to our industrial partner by providing proactive, flexible and professional services.


Not all boards have 8, 12, 16 or more layers. For more modest needs, Vastbright Technology  provides an integrated solution for high velocity printed circuit board manufacturing. We are experts in providing quick-turn services… Learn more


Multilayer printed circuit boards came into the industry with the advent of SMD population. They are found almost everywhere, wherever electronics are in use – from aircraft to motorcycles, and storage power stations to photovoltaics… Learn more


Today, more than ever, PCB prototyping is crucial to the electronic design process. In this world of blazing time-to-market requirements and fierce R&D expectations, effective PCB prototyping is critical to success. The Vastbright Technology range… Learn more


Since 2015, our R&D team has been intensely focused on developing High Density Interconnect (HDI) technology. Since then, we have built a strong base of customers for these boards, particularly in Europe. To learn more about our HDI boards, email us or call us directly… Contact Us

Looking for complete manufacturing solutions

Our partner Gabrian International is uniquely positioned to offer contract manufacturing solutions that fit the individual needs of our customers.

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