Security Systems

Security systems incorporate technologies that enhance the security, and possibly the safety, of transit customers, personnel, equipment, and facilities. Technologies include radio communications, silent alarms, covert microphones, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras (also known as video surveillance), automatic vehicle location (AVL) and other equipment that assist transit agencies in monitoring and responding to situations on board vehicles, along the routes, and at transit facilities. All modes of public transportation systems, whether urban or rural, bus, rail, or ferry, can benefit from the implementation of a security system. These security systems can be used to track the operating status of the transit and transportation networks, alerting officials to possible delays or closures. They can also warn officials of possible intentional acts of crime or violence.

More and more people invested in residential homes and commercial businesses security system to keep their most valuable assets protected. The security system is one of the important functions for the intelligent building, which can efficiently protect inhabitant’s life and property, prevent illegal in-breaking. Security products include but not limit to alarms system wireless, CCTV camera, CCTV DVR, EAS system, access control systems,wireless security cameras, network and so on.

If your premises have efficient fire safety and security features in place, it means that you can focus on running your business with one less thing to worry about. Your staff, visitors, buildings and assets will all be protected from fire and crime and if the worst does happen, you and your staff will know how to respond effectively. This is the peace of mind you get when you choose Vastbright Technoogy for your fire safety and security requirements.